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A kick-off  come to meet us event  is  planned for Friday, June 20, 2003 at 12 noon in front of City Hall, Christina St. in Sarnia.

(The event will last no longer than 20 minutes Bring your bag lunch and a friend)

Although the bombs stopped falling on Iraq, many participants of the weekly Peace Vigils felt that peace has not come to the people of Iraq, nor for people in many war torn countries.  The Peace Vigils brought together many like-minded peace loving people who felt a strong bond with a common goal for peace in the world, and an even deeper passion to promote peace among individuals, communities, our nation and the world.  Arriving at the vision statement, Inspire and work for peace, says it all.

PeaceWorks, the name of the newly formed group, clearly reflects its vision and goals.

Since the final Peace Vigil held on London Road on Good Friday, April 18, a group of 15-20  participants have been meeting regularly to put together a vision and mission statement and goals and objectives.  They are summarized below.


PeaceWorks is committed to promoting a culture of peace and justice.

We advocate for peace among individuals, communities, governments and nations by fostering the.

          ...peaceful resolution of conflicts

          ...understanding and acceptance of diverse cultures and peoples.


Inspire and work for peace.

We envision a world..

 of injustice, violence and war

          ...where respect, dignity, human rights, equality and sharing are the norm

          ...where PEACE has become an organizing principle for the new humanity            

We are determined to inspire and work for peace in a world where people come first.


To initiate and support peace activities

To spread the message of peace

To promote peaceful alternatives to a world in conflict.

Other peace events are planned including one on August 6th.  More details to follow.

To get involved or for more information, call Vera Lawlor 869-4389; Anna Israel 332-5725; Anne Khan 337-3520; Kathryn Bolton 627-0309 or 542-2040